A selection of feedback from clients:

"James is very diligent, a great team player, and a strong communicator. He is also both keen and quick to learn new things. This contract finishes simply because we are now looking for James to take on management responsibilities. All in all, I would strongly recommend James."

"James is extremely knowledgeable with AS3 and was more than happy to help with my backwards and forwards requests. He hit all his deadlines on time if not earlier and communicated his changes extremely professionally. He was also happy to help with any questions I had even though it was at times they were off scope of this project. His code always worked straight away - even though the code we supplied him to modify wasn't of the highest quality. I took a chance as he hadn't worked on Elance before, but examples of his work are over the web, and am extremely pleased I did. I would be happy to work with him again - in fact I intend to with the 2nd part of this project. Highly recommended."

"What is interesting about James is that he combines good tech skills with a good eye for design. These 2 skills are hard to find in the same person."

"We really liked James and his way of working. We went for him over other lower priced contractors because we thought that James' combination of tech. skills an​d native English would mean that he would be cheaper in the long run. We were proved right when James instinctively grasped the essence of what we were trying to do: which​ meant less rounds of changes, lower costs and a quicker time to market."

"James did a fantastic job on the game. Look forward to working with him in the future."

"James is an excellent Flash developer I would highly recommend"

"James is an excellent as3/Flex coder."

"His background of working in games has made him an ideal fit with our requirements to work on interactive and 3d based product-oriented displays."

"Very reliable, skilled contractor. Highly recommend. Would like to hire again definitely. Thanks, James!"

"James came up with good solutions to get the results requested, thanks"

"Pleasure working with you. Will work with you again in future."